Am 11.4.2013 wurde abgeschaltet und damit eine wichtige Quelle unabhängiger Nachrichten in Griechenland.

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(ATHENS, 2013-04-12 2:33 pm UTC). Yesterday afternoon, access to the website of Indymedia Athens was disabled by National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) technical staff, apparently as a result of political pressure by Corfu minister of public order, Nikos Dendias.

At 3 pm (1 pm UTC) on thursday, the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) network operations center (NOC) carried out an order by the university's president Simos E. Simopoulos to cut Internet connectivity to a server hosted within the university network. This server was providing access to Indymedia Athens, to the online radio stream and website of Radio98FM, a self-organised radio station, which was broadcasting from inside NTUA, as well as Radio Entasi.

Recent Twitter communication indicates that the NTUA rectors council may have bowed to political pressure: MP Adonis Georgiadis of the New Democracy party has congratulated minister of public order, Nikos Dendias, for taking down the Indymedia website:

Sources close to the operators of Indymedia Athens indicate that political pressure on NTUA's rectorial council to shut down Indymedia Athens against has increased remarkably during the past days. However, no in-advance notification was given to Indymedia or the radio stations, and an official statement by the universities' principal as to which legal process he was following, if any, has yet to be provided. The rector's council alongside legal advisors will hold a meeting on the matter of Athens IMC and the free radios hosted in university premises tonight at 6 pm (local time).

In response to the shutdown, Indymedia Athens and other affected parties have called for a protest near the Athens University campus in Zogragou, which has started today at 1 pm (local time).

In the meantime, Indymedia Athens continues to be available via the Tor anonimization network at http://gutneffntqonah7l.onion/ (this address is only available when running the Tor software). The following Tor gateways allow access to it from standard web browsers:

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